Watch this movie Contagion (2011) for a better decision-making mindset against Coronavirus disease | it will help you seriously!

Contagion Movie Explained In Hindi


M going to watch this movie tonight, IMDb reviews are also good… It’s all over internet now! Let’s see the hype! :rocket:

Thank you, hun! :slight_smile:


if you got the link forward me too.

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Today is the right time to watch this movie. :cry:

I’ll watch and drop me opinion on this pandemic situation, if this movies relates to the current situation! :slightly_frowning_face:

Thanks for your share. :+1:

People are dying exactly the same way as shown in the movie! :broken_heart: :cry:

I am scared, but I will now take care of myself & my family much better after watching this movie, I will recommend everyone to watch this movie.

Dramatic footage shows people collapsing suddenly in Wuhan city!

Also, Please everyone, until this situation is gone, eat veggies, fruits as much as you can, as a study shows, it helps our immune system to improve.

  • I am not against meat or dairy stuff, but one should avoid putting any kinda “may cause bacterial infection” things into their stomach, only put things which can help, otherwise switch to some other alternative!

Here is the fact!

If someone with already a low immune system will eat “may cause bacterial infection,” stuff will lead the person to have a lesser chance to recover on time with any disease, not just coronavirus COVID-19.

  • If we are infected & we already have bacteria in our gut because of eating that animal product stuff!

Is it going to help us? :thinking:

No, It won’t! :confused:

  • We need to build our immune system while we’re at home locked-down by government & some by choice,

So in case, suppose~

If we somehow exposed to this pandemic, our chance would be much higher to recover quickly using the immune system that we had developed over the period while sitting at home putting good stuff into our stomachs when we were locked down!

Think about this twice!

Watch this Documentary The Game Changers (2018) . You will get the point that I am trying to convey to you all! :pray:


I saw the movie, you’re right! :+1:

A vegan diet will improve our immune system; there is no doubt about this! :100:


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Coronavirus: Italian actor forced to stay in quarantine with sister’s dead body

Using the so-called Halal hand sanitizer can be detrimental to you and your family.

In a perilous time like this, please do not get swayed by myth, make good use of alcohol-based sanitizers to save yourself and humanity from devastation.

(The views expressed are personal)

Facts vs Myth

In Islam, only alcohol consumption is prohibited, not its use as medicine. So any hand sanitizer that provides protection against viruses and germs should be welcomed.

Prophet Mohammaed (PBUH) once said, “Cleanliness is half the faith (Emaan).” Hadith reference : Sahih Muslim.

Fundamentally, the alcohol-based hand sanitizer is a good deterrent against potent coronavirus, so it is not Haram or prohibited. Alcohol destroys the protein envelope that surrounds coronavirus, and destruction of protein envelope effectively kills the virus. But there must be at least 60% of alcohol content in hand sanitizers for them to be effective against the virus. Hence, alcohol-based hand sanitizers are a necessity, not luxury.

  • Also, these are industrial alcohol, not meant to be consumed as beverages, so its usage as medicine is totally permitted.

How soap kills the coronavirus

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