VPN's Do's & Don'ts | No-Logs Vs Logs ⭐

:heavy_minus_sign: No Longs VPN’s:

PIA (private internet access): The best no-logs VPN !
ExpressVPN: No-Logs and safe. Express is one of the fastest VPN, ideal for streaming and gaming.
AirVPN: Open port feature and many more…
VyprVPN: cheap and hq VPN, recommended
IPVanish: Fast and many servers is available.hackfreaks official
Mullvad, and ProtonVPN: Secured and cheap

:heavy_minus_sign: Worst VPN’s:

NordVPN: The most rapped and unsecured VPN !
PureVPN: Exposed their customer to FBI, you can read more here
CyberghostVPN: They invest so much on Ads, but the VPN save Logs.
HostSpot Shield-VPN: Slow VPN
HMA VPN: most of their IP’s are blacklisted.
It’s highly recommended to use IKEv2 Protocol for the best security, and change your MAC address.



How 'bout AviraPhantom ? I’m using it

@BlueHacker Amazing share bro :+1: I’m using Proton VPN which is also very secure you forget to mention it :sweat_smile: