[Video Tutorial] Save Files from any URL to Google Drive Faster - NO SIZE LIMIT

Save Files from any URL to Google Drive Faster - NO SIZE LIMIT - Resume Supported

Found this great video on saving any File on the Internet, directly to google drive with Full Speed and Resume Supported
It won’t use your bandwidth :slight_smile:


just tested it worked :+1:

Excited to try this. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for sharing the video.
but for me i want to copy from mega to td, this only works with direct link url while mega doesnt give direct url. So any trick to copy from mega to td?

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Buddy you just saved my lot of time…!!
Thanks Man :love_you_gesture:

Any limit for download, i mean limit how many total we can download file

no limit
enjoy :slight_smile:

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Try this.

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thanks Buddy :slight_smile:

google drive url to google drive saved ? any way ???

You should mention this method only works for all static links only. Dynamic links will not be worked by this method.

Additionally, you can also use curl {url} -o {absolute-path-filename}

Tested ,work fine,thanks for sharing

Mega To Google Drive without Bandwidth Cap (Request)

On gdrive notes you are mention download from gdrive, i follow the instruction but fail

It worked for direct url to gdrive tdrive, here is the code copy pasted from above video.

from google.colab import drive

import os
os.chdir("/content/drive/My Drive")
!wget -c "download-link" --no-check-certificate

I saw this code.

For Google Drive to Google Drive:
Read Description first, then

!wget -c "download-link" -O filename.extension --no-check-certificate
!wget -c "https://doc-3g-00-drive-data-export.googleusercontent.com/download/2o4fh27/sqq3q/150000/efd098b5xVi?authuser=01vi&user=11el4" -O colab.zip --no-check-certificate

But confuse with filename.extension (which example is colab.zip).
Question is how if i want to download 1 folder, what kind extension i need to write


2.Transfer Tools
3.Run Shell

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This method is not work for all download link if you can please update the code. It not downloading file form downloadly.ir website.

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