Video Call recording app for Android

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If anyone is aware of any working video call recording app that can record screen along with sound ( internal+microphone both at the same time) then please share it here. I have been looking for it for a long time. Although few phones Comes with inbuilt screen recorder that serves the purpose but it fails when one uses a wireless headphone. The result will be a video that only have your own voice & other party will be mute.

PS: I have tried several apps like AZ screen recorder, Adv screen recorder, mobizen etc but in vain.


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I know this link has some repeats but try it nonetheless → The 20 Best Video Recording Apps for Android

You can’t record in newer versions of android (android 6+)
Due to encryption APIs used by apps auch as zoom meet Netflix etc…
You have to root to try something else.
These normal apps won’t record either Audio or video of copyrighted materials.

If you have any older phone with Android 6 or lower then it will definitely work without root… I hv successfully tested it in redmi note 3

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