Verify OneHack For Brave Rewards

Greeting Onhackers,
I have a request to our Chief Sam.
Will you please verify Onehack for brave rewards?
We can send tips to Onehack. I think there are lots of people who use Brave browser here. Chief Sam can take this amount or he can arrange a giveaway every month. I have seen that lots of forums give away premium files(Freepik, Envato Elements, etc) for their users. I have almost $11 on brave(Phone and my PC). So I will be able to provide the cost of one month for Freepik.

Thank You!


@SaM I’m Agreed, Please Do something like that. :innocent:


I agree too @SaM :slight_smile:


Me too agree. @SaM

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We complement your warm-hearted input towards 1Hack, but right now the community from maintenance to GA section everything is going just good, but in the near future if we need any kinda support from 1HACKERs especially like you, we won’t hesitate and surely let you all know about it. :heart: :kissing_heart:

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Thanks for looking forward, but as everything going good as it should be, I must say, yet, we are good so do I, thanks for offering as it is very kind of you guys, in the future If I need any support I will let you know, until then this idea has been marked as Postponed Cheers and see ya all around :+1:



Me too agree ,