VCC Method For Online Trials | Ex. Netflix, Spotify, Etc

Hey, welcome to my CC Tutorial. [WORKING 2021 FEBRUARY]

  1. Download the App “VIMPay

  2. Create an account and type in your REAL NAME and PHONE NUMBER

  3. Then click on the Credit Card in the main menu.

  4. To see the numbers, hold on to your finger on the card.

  5. To see the CVV, tap the card and swipe it to the right side.

  6. It’s very good for example Spotify Trials, Netflix trials, Discord 3 months free etc…

7. Enjoy it!


not working, it says only Germany and Austria are supported on signup page.

It does make sense, Use VPN instead. that’s it.


tried that but still the same, guess it’s for german peeps only :frowning:

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Can u Give Link To App?

Search it in Desired Store for your In-Use Device.

Wow I Searched it And didn’t find Any that’s Why i requested link

here you got sir

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You can only install it if you are from Germany or Austria (if you are from another country, you don’t see it in “google play”)
You can search on google “VIMpay - the way to pay apk” download it installed; the problem is with the confirmation by sms, you must have a phone number from Germany or Austria, I tried “SMS receive free” all numbers from Germany and Australia have been used, I tried over 30 numbers from different sites


Looks like this ain’t worth the rub. Try other method.

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