[V1.1] LinkedIn-Learning-Downloader: [Update!]

LinkedIn-Learning-Downloader [V1.1]: Enhance Your Learning Experience!


The LinkedIn-Learning-Downloader is a powerful tool that enables users to download LinkedIn Learning courses, including the often overlooked but incredibly valuable exercise files. This feature sets our project apart, offering a complete learning experience by providing both the course videos and the materials needed for practical application.

Key Features:

  • Sequential and Parallel Downloading: Choose between sequential and simultaneous downloading of up to five courses or one Path link, use the parallel mode with precaution.
  • Exercise Files: Upgraded scripts allow for retrieval of exercise files, also fix the bug if the course doesn’t have them, offering a complete learning package for users.
  • Numeration System: Downloads are organized with a clear numeration system for easy reference, improving usability.
  • Robust Error Handling: Advanced error handling ensures smooth operation across a wide range of course URLs, reducing interruptions and user issues.
  • Universal URL Support: Accepts all types of LinkedIn Learning course URLs, providing unparalleled flexibility in course downloads.
  • Abort Downloading: Added a checkbox to abort downloading if it takes too long or encounters problems.
  • UI Design: Revamped the UI to look more modern.

Getting Started:

Read the instruction from readme file, it shows all the instructions needed. ReadMe


For now it only supports Windows 7 and above but i may make it support more OS in next updates. Download Here

I wish you happy learning.


It will be helpful if we get MacOS updates from you. Thanks for the efforts put in place to get this project up and running!


I will try to support more OS next update including MacOS.

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Eagerly waiting…

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Thanks so much. It’s working.


The new version is released! now you can download also courses from path link, happy learning!


Thnk you sm OP


First of all thank you for your efforts ;
I followed the steps but the application does not start downloading
Please can you help me

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which type of link you did input, the one for a course or a path cuz if you choose the last one you need to wait as the tool will extract all path’s courses before start downloading.

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I introduced the right course link however the course/path are not downloaded completly-only introduction-
thank you so much for your concern

Oh! i get it now, it needs an active subscription account to be able to download premium courses otherwise you’ll have only the free videos.

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