its easy, just go to this link:

crate coursera account and then enter your .edu id it will just accept ot and send you confirmation.

Anyone who can share their coursera account i don’t have any edu as of now, thanks

Can you name the domain of your edu mail ,I have one solano.edu but it has not been registered with Coursera for free courses with certificate.

Same here, I haven’t received any mail.

mine is collage provided,for edu through made trick and etc may not work.

That’s the point, that is what you should have mentioned in the very beginning. People who have made fake .edu emails via OpenCCC or any other such method, they won’t get this offer. I tried using Sierra college .edu email, it said it’s done, but I have to open the link sent to my .edu email, which I cannot since my .edu email cannot send or receive emails from other domains. That’s the problem.

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hello guys i get this message when i enter my student email, Please re-enter your school email address

Sorry, our system needs for you to re-enter your school email address. can someone help me?

I can confirm it doesn’t work with any of these.edu emails:

  • Gavilan.edu
  • Mccd.edu
  • Sfcollege.edu

Are you sure it is student email not alumni email ? Contact your school in that case

yep, I got same like this message wait for a week or for few days then try it will work.
This is same case as mine definitely work, I can assure my collage not contacted coursera,
they added by their own.

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Check this thread . Many verified genuine students are getting same error for weeks and its not yet resolved.

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MIne’s working its from some HACC


But you probably won’t get certificate after coursera does identity check

You will get it for sure, becoz I already got more than 50 guided projects and Google it professional certificate

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What email did you use…

using fake email?

nah, I have my collage provided edu email.

interested bro

Hello ! If you wanna learn from Coursera for free Join on this invitation link.

  1. https://www.coursera.org/for-university-and-college-students?utm_source=link&utm_medium=share&utm_campaign=social_icons_freecourseraforstudentsprogram

  2. Go to this link: https://10minutesemail.net

  3. Find an @email.edu.pl on the site and enter the email on the coursera site.

  4. Sign up and boom

  • there is not much difference between normal and student one except u can enroll in 1 course per year for a certificate
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