Unsaturated $21/Attempt | Method

  • Okay, so let’s see the method. We will targeting a gambling site called Stake.com. They are running promotions on several twitch streamers like Leyla or ProdigyDDK.
  • https://www.twitch.tv/leyla/about
  • https://www.twitch.tv/prodigyddk
  • Image:https://imgur.com/MQyhWE4
  • What you will do is join their discord or whatever they want to use for verify with dummy accounts, of course different vpns for all the accounts, I recommend you to log everything in an excel file so you won’t mess up with the password and stuff, don’t forget to use their ref code when you registering. For withdraw method: Get in to lightning roulette with 2 accounts and play against yourself, by this way you will achieve the $40 withdraw minimum and the $100 wagering needed for withdraw so acc1: bet on red acc2: bet on black, if it is green you fucked up.
  • Literally free money for a literally few minutes of work!

Happy learning!


Can you please explain further on this, its confusing.

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I dont understand at all

yea hmmm sounds confusing to me as well