Unlimited Web Hosting $2 for 3 Years by ruu.cloud

Great. Wonderful response. Thanks boss

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This ruu coy keep spamming my email with their unsolicited unlimited Web hosting adverts. They send same mail virtually every morning; who does that!!!

That’s a red flag if you ask me.

I’ve reported their emails as spam, and I keep getting them.

Yes I accept. After using their services it’s not only about email spam but I’ve noticed some decent downtimes and very high response times. And sometimes the cpanel logs me out every 5 seconds that was frustrating. I dont know how much uptime you guys get there.

I am yet to even make use of their service. Their attitude and spamming is already a turn off for me.

Every day not able to login to cPanel and not able to access the website as well. when I open a ticket they are asking for my public IP address website can be access from any IP address this is a scam.

Nice. I have been saying this for days. Seemed to be like no one cared. So yeah lol

Time for you to shine :wink: Any discounts for 1hackers ?

What about this…?

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remember digitalocean.com its still rocks and is reliable too.

We already have some cheap plans buddy :wink: In fact, use following promo (50OFF) to have 50% off for life on all our shared hosting plans.
Feel free to check them out and contact me if anything.

Have you created a post here ? If not, you should!

I tried to. Sam said it’s not allowed.

We do not do any scam. The license problem already fixed after contacting Cpanel team

That’s mean server not down. Your IP got blocked. Don’t try wrong passwords or wrong ports more than 3 times. Contact us through client area to whitelist your IP if still expirience the problem


We had a issue with one of European data center which we used before. We informed several time to fix the network speed and reliability issues. So, We moved to USA and now servers are reliable and working fine.

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Here’s my experience with it so far. Not impressed with the service yet.


Complete and utter scam. I own a local website design, development and marketing company in my city here in Canada. Wanting to test other hosts, I started with Ruu.cloud

Here are three reasons to avoid this “webhosting” company:

1- Non-existent support: After signing up I sent a request for nameservers. A week later and no response. Closed ticket. Sent a new ticket asking why the minimal Wordpress sites I uploaded were slow and then giving constant 500 errors. A week later and no response.

2- As stated above, the low-resource WP sites I uploaded (only 4 of them) gave constant 500 error messages. When they did work they were so slow it took 2-4 minutes to load a simple page. On other hosts such as Hostgator and Bluehost pages would load in less than 1 second and that was with a total of 15 Wordpress sites on the same account.

3- Ruu.cloud suspended my account due to … I have no idea what. I assume due to their “blazing fast” servers crashing due to a handful of low-resource Wordpress sites I uploaded; the same sites I uploaded to other servers for speed and performance tests. They suspended account without warning and without reason.


If you’re planning on signing up with Ruu.cloud be aware that if you have more than one website with a handful of scripts running, you’ll get molases slow speeds, moiuntain loads of 500 errors and finally account suspension. They’ll also ignore your support tickets… and I suspect it’s due to it being a “one man” show. They don’t have “support”; they have one guy sitting in his mom’s basement collecting $ from unsuspecting victims. Your best bet? Stay away!

And with that, I’m going to spend the rest of my time regarding Ruu.cloud filing a chargeback.

Hope this review helps someone considering Ruu.cloud


These guys have the worst service. I have so far opened 3 tickets because I cant open any of my domains hosted on their site. NO REPLY YET. Their service is worst then some of the free hosting service providers. I am going to stop payment of my credit card. DO NOT SIGNUP with them. TERRIBLE TERRIBLE. Now I know you get what you pay for :(.

totally scam

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