Unlimited Web Hosting $2 for 3 Years by ruu.cloud

Unlimited Shared Web Hosting for $2 for 3 Years.

They claimed, their servers are on RAID 10 and powered with Ultra-Fast M.2 NVMe SSD and LiteSpeed Web Server (the previous provider was Contabo GMBH. Now they are shifted Contabo GMBH to OVH cloud.)

Choose: Shared Hosting PRO Plan

Choose Billing: Triennially

Promo Code: OFFER

Control Panel: Cpanel

Server Location: New Jersey, USA / Germany

Direct Link to the offer. ( N.B. Link shortener)



Thank you.
Have a good day.

Please note that I am not affiliated with ruu.cloud


Got it… Thanks man @arifapuskitto


Thanks for the share, I got it. No idea what I can do with it but have three years to figure that out lol.

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That’s a nice deal, thanks a lot. Got it as well.

Paypal and these online payment sites aren’t available in our country so even $0.01 offer will be of no use. Our bad :cry:. But you guyz enjoy this exciting offer.


Bad thing is only paypal payment method.

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Awesome. But how to update DNS details?

They should email you with the details.
anyway their default name server is


Great, Thank you.

Nepali problem bro.Ahila ta khate sakar la money laundering rule lyako 6a .Bhijog hami nepali ko

Balla euta aafno samasya bhujne sathi betiyo.

Sahi ho bro …Ahila ta payonner pani jhau cha lina pahila paisa authiyo ahila ultai 30 dllar tirnu par6a kyara.

Let’s pm. Make this thread clean from our country’s chit chat.


It’s Scam, i did and paid 2$
And when i trying to browse domain
I found it not registered,

and i have gone to domain.com and check domain i surprise it still available.

So it’s a Scam website giving u a fack cpaanel and fack information

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If you’re sure and prove that this is scam then you can tag @SaM to inform.

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try over here with your login credentials,https://ruu.cloud/secureaccount/clientarea.php

even i thought it was a scam for a sec.not confirmed thoud whether its a scam or not.(not a pro)

I’m already there it’s a fack control panel

I want u check this massege at the cpanel

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@Mohamed_Alrussi I does not say anywhere that the plan offers free domain with hosting. You need to buy your own domain separately and then link it to the account.

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I’m also a user of this service. Not only you and me. there are many user like us.
The owner of this service continuously answering question on another platform.

N.B. Let me know if this screenshot void any rules of this platform. I’ll delete my comment.

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We need to buy our own domain, charges include hosting only.
Domain is a name which points to your server and hosting is the actual server.
You can buy domains from sites like namecheap.com and point it to the hosting and things will work. If you dont want to buy domain you can get some free sub domains at freedns.afraid.org

I don’t assure that the hosting is genuine I haven’t got a subscription yet nor am it’s affiliate, I just wanted to make things clear so that you can get most out of your plan.

Works well :slight_smile: