Unlimited GeForce Bundle Codes [Reflex Bundle]

This method is a quick and simple way to get your GeForce Code to redeem on Fortnite for the Reflex Bundle + 2,000 vBucks. You can use this method and sell them off-site for $20 - $40 per code or even more!

  • Takes 10-15 minutes to get your code.
  • No Seeing experience needed.
  • A video + resources to help get you started are provided.
  1. Register for a fresh Amazon account (US, CA, UK, doesn’t matter). You can use https://10minutemail.net to generate a disposable email.
  2. Next, add fake VISA credit card information. You can use https://cartoved.ru/...itnyh-kart.html to generate them.
  3. Purchase any participating graphics card that offers the bundle code (GTX 1050ti, 1050, etc).
  4. Place the order and contact support.
  5. Tell them that you never got the code and would like it sent in the chat. If the support representative tells you to wait, end the chat and start another live chat until you get someone that will provide you a code.

VIDEO TUTORIAL: https://vimeo.com/343913048



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