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  • Crack Competitive Programming with India’s largest learning platform
  • Get a complete Hands-on learning experience
  • Get the best of Unacademy
  • The best of CodeChef
  • Learn from experts
  • Whether you are newbie or a seasoned developer, learn coding from the expert computer scientists

Practice Problems
Get access to the best set of problems in the domain - solve and discuss what you have learned

Structured courses
Our courses are structured to understand everything from theoretical knowledge to practical applications

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Awesome share friend. Thanks

how can i download this large file in mega, anyone suggest a solution.

Install the mega desktop application.

If the main folder is too large then start downloading file by file. Or subfolder by subfolder.

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for those who need G-drive link

hope this helps
these files have been done private by the owner , you can’t view them until you join their Gdrive server, I’m sorry :pleading_face:

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Thanks bro … Very useful share.

Backup link - https://mega.nz/folder/6Ywy3a4K#qPvP1NzNKGxchEG9nHBuQQ

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