Ultimate Guide for Youtube SEO | Rank Up Your Videos

Hello, I want to share with all of you some tips to rank up your videos and gain more views and subscribers. So far, I know there are 2 methods that you can use.
For the first method we will rely on keyword method.
[First method]

  1. Select your niche that people keep searching or still trending. You can find this on Google Trend. Current issues would easy to rank up your videos.
    a) Find keyword for your niche
    b) Set to Youtube Search
    c) Select your target country. If you want to make video for worldwide, simply select worldwide
    d) If people still search the targeted keyword you entered, then you can proceed for the next step

  2. Install this tool and head to Youtube Studio

  3. You can find this icon button next to account icon

  4. Click on the icon button then it will show all of this options. Then, click on Keyword Explorer

  5. Type keyword that you desire regarding your niche

  6. From the result you can see if your video can rank up to the top page of Youtube when people search.
    a) This is overall score for the keyword. We should target keyword that have score “Good” and above
    b) This is the result for the search volume on the keyword. Red mean it has low search volume. For small account Youtube, 10k-13k search volume per month was fair enough
    c) This is the result for competition on the keyword. From the result, we could see the keyword has very high competition
    d) For the optimization strength, this number represent how well optimized the top ranking video are for the search phrase. If they are not well optimized, then it provides you an opportunity to break in and rank for the keyword by properly optimizing you video.
    e) Some related keyword that might rank up your videos

  7. Just for you to know, this result shown was for general overview. If you want to know whether the keyword will rank up your videos based on your channel performance and comparison between your channel and the biggest channel that used the keyword, you need to get pro license / paid version in order to see that.

  8. If you are in paid version, the tool will give you better result for your channel
    a) You can click on “Weighted” tab and it will show the new result of the keyword based on performance of your channel. All of the Score Analysis will be based on your channel performance.
    b) Your channel will be compared with the biggest channel on the Youtube that use the keyword

  9. You also need to create clickbait Thumbnail, informative Description, good Title and a few things in order to tackle up Youtube Algorithm

[Second Method]
I haven’t try this method but my friend say it worked

  1. Create bunch of videos with thumbnail but don’t upload yet
  2. When you have a bunch of videos (let say 10 videos), start upload it one video per day with uploading time was almost the same. For example, you upload a video at 8pm today. Tomorrow, you need to upload the video at the same area of time.
  3. When you done this, maybe for 2-4 week I guess, one of your videos will be featured at the main page of Youtube
  4. Don’t forget to create catchy title and clickbait Thumbnail
    Thank you for reading and happy learning ^^

I love this types of tutorials. Thanks a lot for taking the time to publish it…Cheers!

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