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As computing and networking technologies are gradually integrated with every aspect of human lives and activities, computer and network security has become a critical issue. The Handbook of Security and Networks presents a collection of recent advances in computer networking and security areas. These include applied cryptography, access control, authentication, anonymity, network attacks, malware, key management, anomaly detection, network security applications, and other security issues in computer networks. More than fifty internationally recognized authorities in the field of security and networks contribute articles in their areas of expertise. These international researchers and practitioner are from highly-respected universities, renowned research institutions and IT companies from all over the world. This handbook is an essential source of reference for professionals and researchers in the areas of security in computer and networks, and as a text for graduate students in these fields. This book is made possible by the great efforts of our contributors and publishers. We are indebted to our contributors, who have sacrificed days and nights to put together these chapters for our readers. We would like to thank our publishers. Without their encouragement and quality work, we could not have this book. Finally, we are grateful that our families have continuously supported us.


Security in computer world determines the ability of the system to manage, protect and distribute sensitive information. Data Security issues have been researched for many years before the advent of wireless communication due to the mankind’s need to send information (in war or in peace time) without exposing its content to others. The first and most known machine (Enigma) was used in WWII by the German military to encrypt their messages. The machine was something similar to a simple typing machine with a scrambler unit to obfuscate the content of the messages

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