Ultimate Course Of Installers, Technicians & More | TIM Academy

This is an archive of private videos recorded by some Italian tutors for Tim (Telecom) Academy.

Hope you like it,

the video language is only in Italian.

I had to split the parts into 2, since the space on mega wasn’t enough.

PART 1 (17.76 GB)

TIM Academy - Copper Access Network - Optical Fiber Cables and Mini Cables - Optical Network Materials - Junction Techniques

TIM Academy - Description, Design and Architectures FTTC, FTTX, FTTH (+ splitter) - xDSL Systems - GPON - Copper & Optics Network

TIM Academy - Excel - Powerpoint

TIM Academy - Fixed Wireless Access - Electric Signals - Telephony and Telephone Networks - VoIP - Electric Signal - Optical Fiber Tutorial

TIM Academy - FTTC - FFTH

TIM Academy - FTTC - FTTH - FWA - FTTX

TIM Academy - FTTH and Revolution Network

TIM Academy - FTTH Network - OF Network vs TIM Network

TIM Academy - Laying techniques (underground, aerial and vertical) - Innovation of materials and cables for the FTTH network

TIM Academy - Laying Underground Cables

TIM Academy - Measurements on Systems, Measurements with OAS - Measurements on OTDR Systems, Measurements with OTDR - Testing Procedures

TIM Academy - Optical components - Single channel systems - WDM and DWDM transmission systems - Optical fiber - Propagations (dispersion etc ..)

TIM Academy - Optical Fiber & Materials - Splicing Techniques

TIM Academy - Road Operator Safety Guidelines

TIM Academy - Underground laying, excavation techniques, road works

TIM Academy - WDM and Kaleidon 2 Evolution transmission systems - FTTH and Revolution network


PART 2 (5 GB)

TIM Academy - Windows & OSX


Happy learning!


Pls add Italian. lang course then i dowload this

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you stole my words we need some basic italian course or if they have subtitles we need to translate them

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