Udemy account temporarily suspended

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It’s no use, bro!
Didn’t you check these threads?

No conclusion has been met!
They are gone for good😢


It’s your mistake to using same google account to both accounts. Now they found someone violating their policies and Also found it’s you because you had linked your normal account. I don’t think they’ll simply forgive you and handover your normal account. Looks like you have to start over. Please use this kind of tricks wisely in future

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Seems like they are cracking down on everyone who used Gale. Even if your account shows temporary suspension it won’t be coming back soon. Neither they help via email nor they give back the account.
You can try tagging them on twitter. Otherwise it’s just gone :roll_eyes:

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Yeah, time to move on. Thank you guys for Time & Revert.


is there anyone to help me to get the course please.
i will grateful to him.

Is there anyway to you FAQ and search it for yourself?