Udemy account on ebay!

Hello Everyone

I found this on ebay, what is your opinion? does it deserve its price?
especially i will be able to take the course certifications?


Acc to me just make an account on udemy and buy course which you want to learn. You don’t need 1000 courses, 1 good course is enough to build that foundation for you and then you can continue with other course you want. Buy next when you need simple ;_;


zero worth


Waste of money as you don’t need all those courses in the first place.

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I think it’s not worth it. I have never brought a course from Udemy with money. All I used were coupons shared by other users, and still, there are almost 500+ courses in my account. I might not learn all of them at once, but maybe in future, it will help me to find a reference, or a guide etc.


I have purchased many courses on udemy to learn some or other thing within the course. Completed many courses. I also used a coupon to get free courses. End of the day, you will find that not all coupon based courses were good. What is the point?

With a given price tag, you can buy many courses that are really worthy to change your career. Dont spend money on such useless things.


Absolutely worthless. That guy could have used coupons to get those courses and you could get those many courses in a week.


even I never bought a course from udemy :smile:


dude certificate don’t worth anymore, waste of money

  1. Make Udemy account for free.
  2. Follow @Hyperdemongod for Udemy coupons.
  3. Visit onehack.us everyday.
  4. You will get hundreds of courses in about a month. For free.

Not worth bro, he might have gotten those courses via coupons.
All good courses are available for download online anyway.

honestly, that trash account udemy with free courses

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Well said. Also since this is not legal purchase, so are the torrents. So one can get torrents for these courses instead of paying for illegal things