Two Secretes To Make Money Online | PDF

Download free method and enjoy making easy money. You can get creative with this method. Everything you need to know is in the .PDF file.

  • Proof of payment is in there as well!

This has got to be mind-blowing for some of you who are about to read this method. Oh yeah, YOU do not need any money to start. I promise.




Will you please give detailed instructions because I am not able to do it :cry:.
Please help

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He shared the book. So explore it and get learned. It does make sense.


I really wonder how you’re able to make 140$ a day.
I tried and OhOh u use feelingsurf where I already have a premium account so i could upload 12 pics instead of 3. My earnings on the first day? 0.20 $
Then I saw what’s wrong. There are 4 tiers with different payouts. I m from Switzerland and therefore they only pay 0.10 / 1000 clicks.
So I changed that all click s from feelingsurf have to come from US, UK or Canada to be in Tier 1 instead of Tier 4.
Next day i doubled my income. 0.40 cents.

Firstly. The page only pays for unique clicks. That’s fair. But I see in my dashboard on feelingsurf that the page got hit 1000 times. But on the counter on imagetwist only about 250. So I thought ok they only show unique clicks but :scream: they say on their page. The counter shows all clicks and so it differs from the payout. So I should see my 1000 Hits. But I can’t. They’re just not there.

See my ewrnings after 3 days when I quit

So I really, really wonder how you re able to make 140$ a day if I have 4 times the hits and not even earnings of a single $ in 3 days.

Secondly. Do I really have to talk about feelingsurf? It burns your performance like an old locomotive coal.
Also if I remember correctly you need 50 credits to start clicking. Takes a few minutes. Nothing dramatic. But then the counter until the next hit to earn credits to autoclick your pics goes exponentially higher every time… you have to wait 4 minutes go earn .20 credits which is translated to 1/5 click which imagetwist only counts if they want to.

I can show more proof after my work today. I dont wanna hate. I m new to this site and i really like the knowledge transfer. Most of the tutorials are written with good intentions. But with this one I’m not so sure. To sad I could use about 200 workstations for this project but its just not worth my time.

Oh i stopped after 4 days with total earnings of 0.72$

Cheers Crydos


Make a til tok video on this and you may earn more money

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this definitely needs video tutorial :heart:
I read everything but my knowledge is limited for now.

Videos are easier to follow with the proof of work and results is visible and connected to the owner of the video.

Enjoy guys.

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At least he post something. Good try boy.

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All links in the PDF are affiliate links, meaning he gets a commission for signups on those platforms. which is not a bad thing but declare if you do use affiliate links. That way people can make a better judgement on your guide and it’s trustworthiness