Twilio sms forward Number Phone That I can use for Long Terms

Hello Onehack

I need phone number that can receive incoming SMS " and call if possible " From PayPal, Amazon, Google, and use it to receive Costumer Message, and Forward this incoming SMS To my phone.

Ex: If I receive SMS from Google on my Virtual number +44111111111, It should Forward this message to my real phone number +34222222222 [My Phone number is from different country ]

I had do my search and I found that Twilio provide virtual phone number for LONG TERMS with cheap price 1$ => 6$ par month.

I bought a UK phone number From Twilio [ Upgraded Account ], and I tested it with many company, but only work with Binance & TikTok, also works If I send SMS From Twilio number To another Twilio number.

I already setup the Settings Geo Permissions to allow incoming message from the other country, and I try with Twilio application like { SMS Forwarding, Send and Receive SMS Anonymously and other Twilio Applications } but the same result, Didn’t Receive Incoming message.

Please I need your Help any solution ?

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Why not use services which provide real mobile numbers for a fee ?

Services like Google Voice, Facebook, and Skype, which use [short codes] (e.g. 55555) to send SMS will not be able to send messages to Twilio phone numbers. This is because short code carriers have arrangements to exchange messages with mobile phone numbers only, and Twilio phone numbers are not considered mobile numbers

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because I need To use this number for long terms not just for instant verification or some thing like that.
And yes there are some services they provide it but it’s sooo expensive. That why I choose Twilio

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