[TUTORIAL] Top 4 Best Screen Capture Softwares For Windows!

Recording screen is one of the best ways of teaching something & anyone can record his/her computer screen to show step by step guide for something or is one of the best ways to demonstrate softwares. Screen recording is used by thousands of youtubers at YouTube to present tutorials to visitors. Today, i have made a list of top 5 best screen n recording softwares that I’ve personally used. So, check down the list of those screen recording softwares.

OBS Studio:

OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) studio is the first choice by the users worldwide to do screen recording or to live stream. This is a freeware softwares that’s packed with tons of features. It have many features and modes packed in it for recording your video, including your webcam & do much more. Although, its not that newbie friendly & some new computer users may find it bit complicated, But trust me, once started using this software, you won’t move to any other software. Download OBS Studio


Second in our list is Bandicam & this software is my personal favourite software for recording videos, as you may already have known that i got a youtube channel too. This is included on the second place just because its a paid (Shareware) software & it should be bought before you can record videos of unlimited length/minutes. This is packed with tons of features like, Screen Capture mode, Game capture mode, webcam integration, secondary audio & much more. It have a 30 days trial, which however have limited functionalities i:e You can record video with only 10 minutes of length & video will have a watermark on the top. But once bought, you will fall in love with this software & you will never move to other recording softwares. Download Bandicam

Mirillis Action:

Just like Bandicam, Mirillis is one of the best software to record screen. This is one of the best selling screen recorder software that comes with many cool features. With this software, you can do Live streaming, Record gameplays, record webcam and do microphone commentary etc too. Although, all the features that are present in this software are present in Bandicam too & these two softwares are close competitors too. Download Mirillis Action

TechSmith Snagit:

snagit copy

Snagit is also one of the best recording software, but i haven’t preferably used it for much time. This softwares is developed by TechSmith & comes with a built in video editor along with the video capture, so you can edit your videos with ease too. This is included at the number 4 in the list because its price is double than other softwares listed above, but in place of the features, no other software can beat this software. Download TechSmith Snagit.

Final Notes: Bandicam is my personal favourite in the list given above as i record with bandicam & then edit the videos in Premier Pro, Let me know by comments about which softwares you’re using for screen capture. Enjoy! :fist:

Regards, SaM


hai guys, I have one problem, i have some ca videos on pendrive but those videos are encrypted we cannot open or download videos.only in rio player those videos will open . So i want to record videos via camstasia.But rio player restricting camtasia recording,i am not able to record rio player portion.can anybody have any idea how to record rio player portion also.check out this link .can anybody solve this