[TUTORIAL] Simple Guide to Get PluralSight Premium Account for Free


You can get 3 months of premium PluralSight account access by following the below method. I have tried and it works. So thought of sharing with the group.


You should credit @ankushitguy for the following post

Good video though, it will be helpful for newbies.


@OptimusPrime This is 2nd time i have noticed you’re sharing video here, Please read https://discuss.freetutorials.us/t/the-beginners-guide-to-the-forum-all-members-must-read/3897/, this rule EXIST there. even from back-end it’s not allowed to Share videos or music, etc! No matter you created it. Promotional material not allowed. Else what if i say there bunch of users including me who create Tutorial on youtube and other sources, If we started doing this, then soon this forum become VIDEO media forum. Think about it mate! And do not release anything like this again. Everything well highlighted why FTU exist on internet, so follow instruction instead of making alternate sharing purposes.

And how could you know topic already exist? Simple > Search before making topic, similar window always examine similar topics to make sure, else Search engine exist to search before requesting or creating any topic.

You’re a good member so why would you overlook or do this kind of misleading. Kindly buddy, cooperate with us and we will do the same. Thanks :point_up_2:

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