[TUTORIAL] ShareCash Tricks


How does it work, and what is it?

The sites name is Sharecash. They pay you up to 0.3-0.6$ for each download you get. Your main task is to upload some files to their site, and somehow get people from the USA to download them, the downloads is also valid for UK residents.

Anyway, It’s hard to get valid and mass downloads because before the downloader can get his file, he has to fill in an offer (normally just type his email to a form, and submit it), a LOT of people don’t bother doing that, so you need to have some good unique things for your downloads.

Now… you have to think “OUTSIDE the box” Which means, you have to be creative to get these downloads… here is some tips you should consider using, or make a twist on…

  1. A good thing, which will raise your downloads is porn. Porn sells, and everyone knows that. The best way to get a lot of downloads is to upload and post fake (or real, if you have) pornpasses on MASS porn forums, (remember you have to be 18 years or older to do this, just in case you don’t know ). This is my most used method so far!

  2. Youtube promoting. You can upload some good things to youtube and place a download link to whatever you want in the description… I’m using a fake habbo hack at the moment, and allready got 60 downloads after a week. Make your own twist on it

  3. Blog spamming. I haven’t tried this yet, but at some blogs you’ll be able to comment it’s content, you can spam your downloads link everywhere…
    Also, another and proved working method, is to create your own blog, about game hacks, cheats, (or maybe porn?), where you can offer download links for all of it

  4. Torrents. Torrents and other P2P programs might aswell work out for you, this is an automated way to earn money, what you do is that you upload a good program/movie/game or whatever, and in the torrent, you place a readme.txt file that tells the downloader to download another txt file with the password to the program… this txt is in this matter uploaded to sharecash. You’ll get some good downloads by this method.

  5. If you know habbo, you might also know that a LOT of kids plays this everyday. Create a new account on habbo.com (Only US residents are at that server, so all downloads from there will be valid), remember to use a proxy though, last time i tried i was unable to register there as my ip is from Denmark.
    Log in, and mass spam your download link for a fake (or real, doesn’t matter) habbo hack. You’ll notice that a lot of people at the habbo hotel will be asking for further information, and even add you as friend. Also a lot wont ask any questions and just download your file right ahead!