[TUTORIAL] How To Make Different Colored folder In Windows!

Having other color of a folder gives a nice feel to the system as always & you can differentiate between folder easily if you’ve gave them colors in your system, because you can set folders accordingly with colors. In this post i will be showing you how to give colors to folders.


  • First of all, Download Folder Customizer App from HERE
  • Run installer & follow installation procedure (don’t just click next, customize the options according to your needs & make sure to uncheck any promotional offers in the installer, or you may run into downloading malware in your computer)

customizefolder1 copy

  • Once the software is installed, right click on your desired folder & hover on “Colorize!”, then select the color of the folder you want it changed to.

  • That’s all, Enjoy!

Final Notes: There may be many apps out there for this purpose, but i’ve liked this one more than any others & it gives you an option to create your own colors too, which gives more control to the user.


pretty amazing . nice work :+1::+1:


thanks a lot it helped


Awesome, boss


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link is this no?

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