[TUTORIAL] Hacking And Phreaking - Complete Learning!


Revelation, Phreaked Out, Hack Attack, Electric Jaguar, and Phreak Show!

Table Of Contents:


	A. What is hacking?
	B. Why hack?
	C. Hacking rules
	D. Getting started
	E. Where and how to start hacking
	F. Telenet commands
	G. Telenet dialups
	H. Telenet DNIC's
	I. Telenet NUA's
	J. Basic UNIX hacking
	K. Basic VAX/VMS hacking
	L. Basic PRIME hacking
	M. Password list
	N. Connecting modems to different phone lines
	O. Viruses, Trojans, and Worms


	A. What is phreaking?
	B. Why phreak? 
	C. Phreaking rules
	D. Where and how to start phreaking
	E. Boxes and what they do
	F. Red Box plans
	G. Free calling from COCOT's
	H. ANAC numbers


	A. Hacking and phreaking W.W.W. pages
	B. Good hacking and phreaking text files
	C. Hacking and phreaking Newsgroups
	D. Rainbow Books
	E. Hacking and phreaking magazines
	F. Hacking and phreaking movies
	G. Hacking and phreaking Gopher sites
	H. Hacking and phreaking Ftp sites
	I. Hacking and phreaking BBS's
	J. Cool hackers and phreakers
	K. Hacker's Manifesto
	L. Happy hacking!

    “Use this information at your own risk. I Revelation, nor any
    other member of LOA, nor the persons providing this file, will NOT
    assume ANY responsibility for the use, misuse, or abuse, of the
    information provided herein. The following information is provided for
    educational purposes ONLY. The informaion is NOT to be used for illegal
    purposes. By reading this file you ARE AGREEING to the following terms:
    I understand that using this information is illegal. I agree to, and
    understand, that I am responsible for my own actions. If I get into
    trouble using this information for the wrong reasons, I promise not
    to place the blame on Revelation, LOA, or anyone that provided this
    file. I understand that this information is for educational purposes only. This file may be used to check your security systems and if you would like a thorough check contact A.S.H.
    This file is basically a compilation of known hacking and
    phreaking information and some information gathered from my own
    experience as a hacker/phreaker. I have tried to make sure that
    everything excerpted from other documents was put in quotes and labeled
    with the documents name, and if known, who wrote it. I am sorry if any
    mistakes were made with quoted information.”

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