Tutorial | Grow On Instagram | Guide!

1) Niches

Basically, you follow or likes peoples pictures from the same niche.
Let’s say for instance you had a comedy account. Well, what you would do Is just search up other comedy accounts.

You just click on any page and you go the recent photos or videos and view the list of people who liked them and all you do is just follow those people or you like their pictures.
You will get great and active traffic by doing this as most of those people who like pictures or videos are active Instagrammers.
You could also do this via hashtags
For example, if you have a poetry page you put the hashtag “Poetry” without the quotes and follow those people with the hashtag or like their pictures.

2) Apps

There are tons of apps on the App store you can use to gain more Real Followers
Just go to the App Store and type in “Instagram Followers”
a good one is called “Get Followers”

The App lets you follow 60 people an Hour
All the people who use the App are Real Individuals
At least every 10-15 out of the 60 people you follow will follow you back and Every time you follow people you’ll get more 4 coins Every 8 Coins = 1 Follower so there are 30 more people following you.

After doing this for a while you will automatically start gaining real followers without having to do anything.

3) Shoutouts

Another way you can gain followers is Going to the Instagram Hashtag Page and looking for the Hashtag SFS ( Shoutout For Shoutout) and commenting on people’s photos asking them to do a Shoutout for Shoutout ( You can also directly Dm them or your followers if they want to do S4S
If you have tons of followers ( Over 1K ) You can always lie to the people and tell them that you can shout them out and get them, for example, 200+ Followers ( Believe it or not most people will fall for this trick)
Even if you don’t end up shouting the people out (Which you should anyway because you got nothing to lose) all they would have
wasting is a couple of seconds posting to shout you out ( Not Really A Big Deal)
Remember not to leave more than 50 comments per Hour ( Otherwise, you may get temporarily banned from Instagram)
You can also look at different forums or websites and ask people if they want to do a Shoutout For Shoutout

4) Follow for Follow

The easiest and most simple way to gain followers is simply by looking at other people’s Followers or Who their Following and Following all those people ( Max 60 Per Hour)
Always try to follow people who have more people there following than followers
People like that will always follow you back 80-90% of the time
Another Simple Way is looking at the hashtag #FollowForfollow
These are users who are the same as you and are looking to get more Followers ( Watch Out for Bots) You can also just simply like their pics ( Max 100 Per Hour ) and sometimes people will follow you back ( The Least Effective Way)



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