Turn running task to background task

Im need a help to turning a running task/process to a background process. Im need to do this because when im playing games its lagging the games i playing. Are there any solution to this? If there is let me know.

First of all, Windows 10 has a built-in Game mode option, you can turn it on and make other changes you want to increase performance, such as fps, visual effects, etc!

Also, you can check these articles to increase system performance for playing games!

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If background services is a problem for you, then you can use something like > [Giveaway] PC Services Optimizer Pro | 1 Year FREE Licence but you can’t stop all services or tasks, in fact, you can stop/exit running tasks of any app that you’re not supposed to use while playing games, simply go to Processes, right-click and End task, further, disable apps that working with the Internet, means, downloader, torrent client, close web browsers properly to increase more speed.

If you need something more close with a single click, then simply try one of the best Optimizer or Game booster which has the ability to end all the unnecessary services and tasks to give you the best gaming performance. the best of the best game booster/optimizers: Razer Cortex, Game Fire Free, Wise Game Booster, JetBoost, Smart Game Booster, IOBit Game Assistant Check this topic to know more of it: How To Play Games Without A Graphics Card | Tweak Your Computer 💯

TIP: If you just want to stop/end running tasks in the background, then ignore everything mentioned above, and simply use this > EndItAll > you can also use game booster to get maximum good performance for gaming and closing tasks as well.

Good luck & Happy learning! :heart:

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