Tricks And Tips Using Google Programmable Search Engine

today I teach you file sharing sites tricks and tips, with Google Programmable Search Engine you can easily filter out sites without using the Dork


site:*******.com ext:txt,pdf

which often leads to annoying captcha everytime

  • You can alternatively use Programmable Search Engine by Google
  • First head on to : CSE
  • Login to your Google Account and head to Control Panel
  • Click on Add

I will be using anonfiles as an example

Be sure to follow the “*” placings based on your input URL

After that you can proceed to create the input and you will be greeted by this page

We just need to copy

But that will lead us to a txt file downloading on our computer.

What you need to do is simply delete “.js”

The Final URL will be like this

I will then try out searching for random things that I would probably need and just download it directly from there

Hope you have learned something new!

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Happy learning!


I did learn something new…awesome! Thanks heaps :pray: :+1:

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Nicely Explained…Appreciated :+1:


Very happy to come upon this. Thank you!

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Thats really wonderful and awesome trick

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Can I add many websites as batch file or at once ?

That really interesting
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