TRICK To HACK Facebook Account From Anyone Using Google Chrome DevTools! 😎

Hacking is always fun. How about hacking into one of your friends facebook account? Super fun? Well, this article doesn’t suggest you run around and try hacking in every possible account. The purpose of this trick is just fun and nothing else. In this article, I have tried to explore one way of hacking into your friend’s facebook account with the help of the Developer Tools of the browser that’s being used. For the example used below, I have used Google Chrome browser. Read on, to learn how to hack this simple trick.


  • Before letting your friend use your system to log into his/her facebbok account, you have works to do. No, nothing big, just a couple of clicks. You just have to press the F12 key on your keyboard. This will launch the Developer tools window as shown in the below screenshot.


  • As next, click on the Network tab, which would probably be the fourth tab from the left. Under the Network tab, you will see a check box corresponding to Preserve log . Check the Preserve log check box.

  • After that just click on 3 vertical dots in console window and the choose undock into seperate window.


  • Then minimze the window. You can also choose and drag this seperate window to the bottom left or right corner, so that he does not notices it.



  • You are all set. Now you can invite your friend to use your system to log into his/her facebook account. Just let him/her log in. No, you need not peek to hack the password. Let our trick do the job.


  • Let your friend spend as much time as he/she wants, on his/her facebook account, that’s if it’s okay with you of course.


  • Once he/she is done, definitely they won’t forget to log out of the account. Don’t worry. Our trick is still safe.


  • Now let’s get to business, shall we? Once you are sure that your friend is gone, you have to open your Developer Tools window. You need not launch it again, as it is already launched before. You just got to click on the minimized tab. If you have a look at your Developer Tools window, you can see that a lot of new entries are made into the log file.


  • As next, click on the keys CTRL+F together. This key combination can be used to search for an element on a page. Once the search bar pops up, type-in login to it. You will see a link starting with login.php on the top of the search results. Click on it.


  • Once you click on it, in the right window pane, you will see four tabs namely Headers, Preview, Response, Cookies and Timing . Give a click on Headers tab. Scroll all the way down, till you find the section named Form Data . Scroll down again to find two entries named email and pass . Well, that’s it. You can see the recently logged email account and password, in pure plain text, just like that.