Trick To Get Best Discount For Most Of The Software - You Never Know!

Here I’m sharing a secret with you guys, Kindly look forward if you ever wanted to buy a software. Continue reading!

  1. Install the free/demo version of the software from the official website.

  2. Uninstall the software. (I suggest uninstalling after 12-24 hours)

  3. When uninstallation is complete, the uninstall client will open a webpage asking you the reason for uninstall.

  4. Choose or type any reason like a high price, difficulty etc.,

  5. Now it will give you the best discount for the software even if there is no discount available on the original sales page!

(Because the software developers want you to install their software because they think making a customer install their software at a low price is better than not having the software installed at all)

  1. Grab the software for the best-discounted price. Enjoy!



Cool bro thanks


Best trick ever to get a better discount. I’ve seen a lot of software these days asking a reason for the uninstall after uninstallation is completed…No one will never gonna know about this unless he’s here…:wink:

Thank you SaM…:slight_smile:


Woh! what an Idea captain @SaM ! This should be written in Discount or Customers Manifesto

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Completely makes sense perhaps would say a great hack to grab discounts.
Thanks for sharing @SaM

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