Tracing IP of Facebook Friends

Have you ever tried to trace your fb friends? No, here we are. Now you can trace your friends by tracing IP of Facebook friends and know from where they’re online.

Tracing an IP address seems like a pro hacker thing what you would see in different movies too that how a hacker traces the people and find their physical location by just sitting on his laptop. Now you can do it too just like the pro hackers. Here in this article you will learn how to trace IP of facebook friends.

The method we’re going to show only reveals information about the internet service provider, city and state. To obtain revealing information, you’d need to employ tactics of dubious legality or get law enforcement involved.

Tracing IP of Facebook Friends Tutorial

Here’s complete step by step tutorial on tracing IP of facebook friends.

  • Step 1 (Creating PHP File)
  • Create a new text document and edit it.
  • Write the following PHP code inside it:
<?php $ip = $_SERVER[‘REMOTE_ADDR’]; $dt = date(“l dS \of F Y h:i:s A”); $file=fopen(“ip_log.txt”,”a”); $data = $ip.’ ‘.$dt.”\n”; fwrite($file, $data); fclose($file); header( ‘Location:’) ; ?>
  • Replace ‘’ with any other URL.
  • Save that as : anyname.php.

Next step is to find a hosting to host your script.

You can find any free hosting to host this script or you can buy one for you.

  • Choose a right domain name e.g :
  • Now attach the domain to the hosting.
  • Once you have hosting and domain ready, just sign in to your hosting server and go to the File Manager and open the public_html directory.
  • Click upload button to upload the PHP script you created before.
  • Once it’s uploaded, set the file permissions to 777.

Here comes to main step of tracing IP of facebook friends.

It’s time to trace IP of facebook friends using the hosted script.

  • Goto your domain that you just created. i.e:
  • You will find your uploaded PHP file here. Just Copy Address Link of this file by right clicking. It will be like .
  • It’s time to spread this link to your facebook friends. Once they click on the link. You will receive a file in your hosting account named as ip_log.txt . Just open it to see the IP address of all your friends who clicked that link.
  • All Done! Now goto and enter the IP you find in ip_log.txt . Once you enter, you will see the location of that friend.

That’s all. Hope you have learned how you can trace IP of facebook friends of yours.


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