Top Invoicing & Accounting Tools For Freelancers | V2

Freelancers usually handle many jobs at the same time and the client is not the only reason who drive a freelancer nuts.

Being your own boss and manager means you are your own accountant as well. Each project will be charge different fees which will result different billing or invoices flying to your way and that can be painfully messy if you did not do it right. (Source: hongkiat)

To avoid such disaster, we will be sharing some of the best invoices insurance available around the Internet.

These invoicing services will handle your billing systems and invoices and some of them are even free. I have included invoice solutions for both big organization and micro business. So let’s take a look.

1. Freshbooks


Freshbooks is one of the best invoicing services available online. With over 2 million users, it offers amazing invoice interface and ability to add and manage a list of clients, it enables you to track your expenses in real-time which comes handy if you work on an hourly rate basis.

With Freshbooks, you can send your clients user id and password so that they can access their invoices online. It has a free 30 day trial pack with which you can handle 3 clients at max.

The paid plans start from $19.95 per month which offer great additional tools and benefits.

2. Indy Invoice Generator

Indy Invoice Generator

Indi invoice generator is a simplified yet comprehensive tool for creating bills and invoices. They focus at providing an easily solution for sending and receiving invoices with both manual and online payment options accessible to everyone.

You just have to fill up the fields with your own particulars in one of the many invoice templates available and send to your clients. You can also customize your invoices by adding your company’s logo or brand name on your invoice and giving it a brand color. You also attach a timesheet with your invoice created with the built-in time tracker.

The supported payment methods in the Indi Invoice Generator include PayPal, Stripe, Zelle (for online payment) and mailed check or direct deposit (for offline payment). That way you can bill your client through professional invoices and get paid quickly.

3. Zoho


Zoho is another hallmark in invoice creating services. One thing in which it clearly wins is the user interface. The painless and intuitive dashboard with tabbed interface really provides a great user experience.

Zoho has many invoice templates integrated that would make the process of creating personalized invoices even easier. Another great feature is that Zoho integrates PayPal and Google Checkout seamlessly in the invoice creation.

The service offers a free version of its services where you can manage up to 5 invoice/estimates per month with a maximum of 2 users. After that, the price goes from a basic package of $8 per month to the elite package of $35 per month.

4. LessAccounting


Less Accounting is a minimalistic approach to invoicing. A sleek user interface with no confusing options and menu settings, a plain, minimalistic and usable interface is what Less Accounting is all about.

The dashboard is sleek, elegant and simple and provides insights to everything being done in your invoice account. Being minimalistic in design, Less Accounting also integrates expense tracking functionality. And the best part? They also have an iPhone App!

With a free 7 day trial, pricing starts from $12 per month.

5. Bill4Time


Bill4Time is a software for invoicing, time, and billing. It’s not only usable for freelance designers, but also very useful for lawyers, accountants, consultants, and other time billing professionals.

And the best thing? They have a free desktop widget, provide free video training lessons and even have free mobile apps!

Bill4Time offers a very limited free account and the premium package starts from $15.99 per month.

6. WorkEtc


WORKetc goes a step ahead from other invoice solutions available by serving as not only an invoice solution, but as a total business management tool. It works as a SaaS (software as a Service) tool and gives emphasis on CRM too.

Since WORKetc doubles up as an invoice solution plus CRM, it solves many frustrations that freelance designers face with an invoice billing systems.

For instance, over the time, the resources and billing cycles of freelance designers can increase exponentially. In such situations, WORKetc may offer many advantages to its users.

Pricing starts from $29.95 per month.

7. PaySimple


PaySimple is your virtual accounts receivable specialist, as they put themselves. PaySimple combines as a recurring bill setup and invoice sending system which also accepts credit cards and ACH/echecks online.

In addition to that, PaySimple also stores your data securely and also have functionality to automatically deposit funds.

With a free setup, PaySimple will cost you $34.95 per month.

8. SimplyBill


SimplyBill provides a wide array of options when it comes to online invoicing for freelance web designers. With SimplyBill you can also automatically create PDFs of your invoices and can also track payments online.

Pricing plans include 3 different categories and range from $5 to $25 per month.

9. Due


Rather ordinary, however Due is a full-featured online invoicing service that can save you time and money. No matter you are a freelancer or a small/ medium-sized company owner Due has useful feature for all your invoicing needs.

10. Invoice2Go


Invoice2go is the fast and easy way to invoice, estimate, bill, collect and report. There are over 300 Templates to choose from. Even better all these templates can be customized to your own needs.

With Invoice2go you can add your logo, move fields – you can even create your very own business forms. It has got a windows application plus an iPhone app too. With a free 30 day trial, Invoice2go looks like a decent software to play with.

Bonus #1: BlinkSale


Blinksale is perfect for anyone who needs to invoice clients for services or products sold. Blinksale is an excellent choice for attorneys, accountants, designers, IT professionals, software developers, journalists, contractors, engineers, architects, videographers, and more.

Blinksale however does not have any trial or free plans. Its plans start from $6 per month and go up to $99 per month.

Bonus#2: Invoicera


Invoicera is a very cool invoice service with many amazing features and integrated services. Multiple language and currency support, customized invoice templates, sending invoices to multiple contacts and multiple payment gateways integration are some of its hot features.

In terms of pricing plans, Invoicera offers a free trial account and the paid plans range from $9.95 per month to $49.95 per month.