Top 5 ChatGPT Prompts For Online Business Owners & Marketers

Today I decided to share my top 5 ChatGPT prompts for:

  • Generating a high-converting sales page copy

  • Generating a high-converting optin landing page copy

  • Crafting a sales email for marketing

  • Generating email subject lines

  • Writing a YouTube video script

  • Writing a high CTR YouTube video title (BONUS)

Hope you enjoy this content!

My personal tips: If you have a competitor in mind and like their landing page/script/any content, provide the AI with the content as an example. For email subject lines capitalize only the first letter (or none at all) because you want to differentiate yourself from hundreds of other marketers.

If you find this helpful, I would be very thankful for any likes, comments, and feedback.

Writing a Sales Page

Process shared by Stefan Georgi

First prompt: Write an Emotional 500 Word Journal Entry from the perspective of [ideal client] who is struggling with [pain points]. He feels [emotions] and wants to [dream outcomes].

Second prompt: Rewrite the above but replace “I” with “you”

Third prompt: Use the above to write a [word count] words Sales Letter targeting [ideal client] who are struggling with [pain points]. Promise that if they keep reading they’ll see why the REAL reason they haven’t been able to [dream outcome] is something called [unique mechanism]. Offer a product named [name of the product] which has the main benefits:

-[Benefit 1]
-[Benefit 2]
-[Benefit 3]

Give this guarantee [include guarantee], and include these credentials [include credentials]

Fourth prompt: Include follow up instructions like:
-Include the fact that we have helped [number of people] achieve [dream outcome]
-Be more emotional in the intro
-Include these testimonials across the page [paste testimonials]
-Use storytelling before mentioning the price
-Include a headline that mentions these [pain points] and [desires]

Generating an Optin Page

Write a landing page that offers [lead magnet] to [audience]. This free [ebook/webinar/video series] will help them:
-[Benefit 1]
-[Benefit 2]
-[Benefit 3]
Mention that it is completely free and that I can help them because [include credentials].

Generating a Sales Email

Our [product or service] is the perfect solution for [pain point] that many of our customers are facing. It offers [benefit 1], [benefit 2], and [benefit 3] that make it a must-have for [target audience X]. Write a sales email that highlights the product/service and encourages customers to take action.

Generating Email Subject Lines

Here is a sales email I have written [insert the email or describe the email]. Come up with a subject line that’s [adjective] and [adjective].

Writing a YouTube Video Script

Can you write a [type of text] on the topic of [subject] [additional details].
Then turn it into a powerful YouTube video script.

Writing a YouTube Video Title

Brainstorm 10 attention-grabbing headlines for this text: [copy and paste the transcript of the video].



After thanking you so much, I would like to ask what is the prompt to write an article from chatgpt, can you explain it clearly?

This is great. Thanks.