[Tool] WiFi-Saved-Passwords Searcher


Displays saved WiFi passwords on your Windows machine in second with one click.
This tool displays previously used WiFi passwords. Coming across several CMD commands requiring additional steps, I concluded that this process should be automated; doing it manually is inefficient and time consumable.


Wifi Saved Password Searcher

File: Saved WiFi Passwords Searcher.exe
CRC-32: 6da0a8c6
SHA-1: 27d4760fb03f756c02701d58754e6de2e9c5b099
SHA-256: 4d8215925c1dbe67f03cc8950ea9a3a77f339bbfbd8f39136a1785741a960246


Used to Connected to any wifi


Just run Saved WiFi Passwords Searcher.exe --> Wait for result. The tool also export the txt file for you too.

Found Bugs?

Really Appreciate for your report.


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Working just fine, thanks :smiley:
will this work on a non-administrator account?

Please make this for android or IOS devices because this will be more important for the mobile users. At windows we can see it from internet properties not need it too much…


@ThePixel please try it.
@agaramja_garamja There are many apps in playstore and appstore which show wifi password.

Answer to quote above, Yes you can show in Properties one by one but my tool is one click process.


very good keep it up

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CAN YOU PLEASE TELL ME WHICH APPS WORK THE BEST? i had been using ios until now, just switched to android… so pls tell me… android is new planet for me lol…

There are hundreds of apps and they all work the same. Just search “show wifi password” in Google Play and select whichever one doesn’t have ads.

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I can do this with a oneliner :blush: All stored wifi passwords from a none elevated cmd prompt. It’s a really long oneliner but still doable. I’ll show you mine if you show us yours :bouquet:

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Tool will export password to .xml file, open this file and view password


Bro @Code.404 your work is worth appreciation. Dope!

Guys actually this is a simple script for windows.

Use command

netsh wlan show profiles

Now, you’ll see numerous Wi-Fi ssid(s) or names that once you connected to. Then use

netsh wlan show profile="profile name" key="clear"

This will show the password under password field for the mentioned ssid.

You can even export it as .xml file with -

netsh wlan export profile name="profile name" key=clear folder=c:\

Or just copy the password to notepad and save the file.

If anyone don’t want to download this program, just follow the steps in the command line and get the desired results. Remember it only shows the passwords that are being saved previously or you have connected to. It does not hacks other available Wi-Fis.

Thank you!


Yes everyone can do it manually. But this is not easy for newbie users. That why this tool here.



any tool for android phone?

Thanks for this tip


many tools in playstore.

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Wow it work thank you so much man…

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