[Tool] Linkvertise Bypass Tool

I came across this tool which I think is quite interesting. I have checked it and it works like magic. Though it may not work for some websites(not Linkvertise) which can detect the bypass.

Description :

This tool helps bypass Linkvertise links in an instant.

Requirements :

No special requirements.

Link :

Note :

This tool is not for abuse. Please don’t rip someone off. Only use when frustrated. :stuck_out_tongue:


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Thanks a lot for the share! :100: :hugs:

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Thanks for the share :100:

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How to use this tool???

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Open the tool and paste the linkvertise link.

Then click Bypass to get the real link.


Use universal bypass https://universal-bypass.org/


I’ve already tested the so called fix, it’s not much of a fix. It basically forces you to wait because if it goes any faster it will be detected. Hopefully the final solution is more elegant. As you can see it’s gonna be tough because timmy and someone from h-gen are basically trying to beat each other.

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I think I need to move on from Linkvertise to other monetising shortlinks!


Yes move it fast

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Please add mirrors

It is a mirror website. There are many mirrors, use zippyshare

Looks like blocked needed to use vpn

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Thanks :heart_eyes:

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