Thunderbolt Bug Lets Hackers Steal Your Data in 'Five Minutes'

A new set of flaws discovered in the Intel Thunderbolt port has put millions of machines at risk of local hacking. This new research by Eindhoven University’s Bjorn Ruytenberg suggests that if a hacker gains access to a machine for just five minutes, they could bypass login methods to gain full data access. From a report:

Thunderbolt ports are present in machines with Windows, Linux, and macOS. So, that covers a lot of computers. Ruytenberg said all Thunderbolt versions and systems shipped between 2011 to 2020 are affected and no software patch can fix these vulnerabilities. So, Intel would need to redesign silicon in order to fix these flaws. There’s not much you can do here. However, with open-source software called Thunderspy, developed by Ruytenberg and their team, you can check if you’re affected by the Thunderbolt bug.