ThreadBoat | Program Uses Thread Execution Hijacking To Inject Native Shell-code Into A Standard Win32 Application

Program uses Thread Hijacking to Inject Native Shellcode into a Standard Win32 Application.


I developed this small project to continue my experiences of different code injection methods and to allow RedTeam security professionals to utilize this method as a unique way to perform software penetration testing. With Thread hijacking, it allows the hijacker.exe program to susepend a thread within the target.exe program allowing us to write shellcode to that target thread, and later be executed (via; WriteProcessMemory(), SetThreadContext(), ResumeThread(), CreateThread()).

Example GIF (Credits To Endgame)

alt text


int main() { System sys; Interceptor incp; Exception exp; sys.returnVersionState(); if (sys.returnPrivilegeEscalationState()) { std::cout << “Token Privileges Adjusted\n”; } if (DWORD m_procId = incp.FindWin32ProcessId((PCHAR)m_win32ProcessName)) { incp.ExecuteWin32Shellcode(m_procId); } system(“PAUSE”); return 0; }

For Further Information On Thread Execution Hijacking

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  • Windows Vista+
  • Visual C++


  • Winapi
    • user32.dll
    • kernel32.dll
  • ntdll.dll

Ethical Notice

This code was simply written to demonstrate an overlooked method to inject shellcode or a DLL into a Win32 program. This code is not to be used for malicous purposes. The author, Josh Schiavone, is not liable for misuse of this software. May God bless you all.


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