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Watch 3000+ Indian and International Channels with 7 days of Indian CATCHUP TV and 3000+ Movies and VODs and TV Serials from anywhere in the World on ANY Device for absolutely FREE.
All you need is a Internet Connection.


  • 3000+ TV Channels from all over the World
  • 3000+ Movies
  • Special Channels for LIVE Sports
  • 7 days catchup Catchup on 500+ Indian Channels
  • Web Series from your favourite VOD Apps
  • Option to Choose Favourite Channels
  • CAST Support
  • Support for MX Player
  • Support for External subtitles
  • TV Serials all episodes
  • Support for lot of devices
  • User-Freindly UI
  • All for FREE
  • Chat Support <<< Incase This site can’t be reached use below proxy!


F.A.Q Is ThopTV Free?

Yes, ThopTV is absolutely free. You can stream anything on the app without any paying any cost.

Can this use for youtube ? :sweat_smile: i am searching kids cartoon everywhere which can be published on Yt without copyright cases

thanks for the share.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thanks for sharing :call_me_hand::facepunch::+1::facepunch:

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Thanks for sharing.

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Awesome Application. Free TV streaming. Thanks for sharing

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thank you for sharing bro appreciate it

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What a great share

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same here.

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Links are not opening. both the links showing Error.

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I am getting this when i select Star Sports etc …

Why most of the channels are not working ??
in my case when i want to open sports channels !!


This error shows up !!

BT Sports (Any of it)
Star Sports (Any of it)
Premiere Sports etc list goes on !!

i haven’t checked all but i find it annoying why sports channels are not working !! Please help me fix it !!

Do we have to use VPN in PC if channel is not playing in specific location ??

Hi @DukeForever
Can you share the download link please?

I downloaded from here !!

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Most of the indian channels are not working ?? What is the problem here ??

Yes I faced the same problem!
Even if they are working, the streaming is not at all smooth
and it being too uneasy to watch, I removed the app!!
Let me know if you solved this problem!??

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Some channels are working, but literally some !!

How is the streaming? Is it smooth or frequently buffering??

Some channels working … most of them not working most of the indian channels not working ,movies , games working fluently . With VPN some episodes of indian working , without vpn not working … "Region india " those TV channels not working with vpn or without vpn. Jasmine Tv, Allium Tv, most of the tv channels not working …
I suggest xyris Tv …on the app to watch some global channels it works well most of the channels smoothly and all movies also smoothly working… use the latest version of app

WWE Network is never playing :frowning:

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