The Unlimited Free Twitter Scheduling | Hack

Details of the Hack: is a great tool for saving time on social media by scheduling post. It is a simple way to schedule posts, track performance of them and manage all social media accounts at once place. However, if you would like to keep more than 10 posts in scheduling queue, it is paid. Hence, we recommend - an open source Buffer alternative. Using you can stock up some amazing tweets and have automatically shared throughout the month.

  • Usage Phase: Social Media Marketing
  • Usage Difficulty: Easy
  • Tools Used:
  • Paid/Free: Free Tool
  • Free Alternatives: None


  1. Once up sign in with twitter at, start making a schedule of when your tweets will be posted. You can set the time of day too.
  2. Get some ideas at Alternatively, use to find trending content that is going viral on social media and you can retweet it by scheduling with Circular.

Bonus Tip:
Use (A Growth Hacker Granny Recommendation), which is a social media free promotion tool to share other people’s retweets and get points. Using the points, your tweet will be shared by other retweeters and doing this constantly for a month’s time will boost your engagement and followers on Twitter.

Credit: Hack it with Granny

Happy learning!


Circular is a job protal now? Or i am missing something.