The Ultimate Proxy Lists Pack & Guide!

Total Proxies: 2893
Speed: 0.040ms - 3sec max
Anonymity: Elite
Proxy Condition: Checked and Working
Type: Socks5, Socks4, HTTP(s)/SSL
Removed: Duplicates, transparent, bad/distorting proxies
Custom Sites included: Youtube, Twitter, Microsoft XBox, USA Proxies, Google Search Engine passed Proxies
Addons Proxies: High Speed bandwidth Proxies, Semi-Private Proxies, White Listed Proxies, Most Performed Proxies, Datacenter Proxies, Residential Cable/DSL Proxies, Residential Mobile Proxies, Corporate ISP Proxies

What is White Listed Proxies? These proxies were checked against huge spam detection IP database and kept the undetected ones.

What is Semi-Private Proxies? These proxies were checked against huge VPN/Proxy IP detection IP database and only undetected ones are stored.

Most Performed Proxies These proxies were checked using a private method to test multiple sites at ones to see if the proxy works on all sites on first attempt, then it has passed the “Most performed Proxies” Category.

High Speed Bandwidth Proxies These proxies were tested to check download speed using a small file (480KB). If the speed reaches more than 100KBPS in less than 4 sec, it is added to the list.

Datacenter Proxies This proxies are from dedicated servers or from corporate/business.

Residential Proxies 1. Cable/DSL : These proxies are from residential ISP or corporate ISP that provides residential service. 2. Residential Mobile Proxies: These proxies are from cellphone networks. 3. Corporate ISP: These proxies are from corporate ISP/Hostings, they provide residential Internet services.


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