The Ultimate Money Making Method đź”°

Before we get started, there are a few things I want to mention. First, this method is extremely easy to make money as long as you put in the required time. You can scale this literally as much as you want, the more work you put in = the more earnings. If you are having trouble earning, you’re probably just lazy. Money doesn’t wait for those who don’t go and get it, put in the time and effort and you’ll reap the benefits.

To give you the general idea of how this method works, I’ll give a brief introduction on what exactly you’ll be doing. I’m sure most of you have heard of Amazon, but what you probably didn’t know is the fact that there are over 2 million sellers on Amazon selling their products, and this number is growing by the hundreds of thousands each year. All of these new sellers need a way to get their product ratings higher so they can get more sales. As an Amazon seller myself, we utilize free product giveaways in order to get more reviews for our products. So how can someone like you take advantage of that? Here’s how:

Step 1
Sign up on if you don’t already have an account. This is where we’ll be locating people who are giving away their products

Step 2
On Facebook, you’re going to want to search for “Amazon Review Clubs” or “Amazon Review Groups,” there are several so you won’t have any trouble finding them. Make sure to apply/join to every single group that you find. Several of these groups have 10k-20k+ members already in them.

Tip: if you are not from the USA, simply add your country after your search and groups for your country will pop up. There are literally hundreds, you won’t have any trouble finding them. If you don’t see a specific one for your country, simply just join the normal groups and I will explain what to do later on.

Step 3
Once you have joined the groups, you will see several new posts each day, some even have hundreds of new posts per day. All of these posts contain people who are giving away their product in exchange for a review once you receive it. Do you see where this is going yet?

Step 4
You’re going to want to find products that will be an easy resale, which mainly means do not do clothing unless you are confident that you can resell it. There are literally hundreds of posts per day so it will not be hard to find solid products. Once you have found something you want, simply contact that person and they’ll explain the process to you. It will go one of these ways:
· You purchase their item full-price (it is normally a non-expensive item, anywhere from $10-$50) and once you receive it and leave a review, they refund your money through PayPal
· They provide a coupon that will make their item free, then you purchase the item with their coupon code and leave a review once you receive the item.

Step 5
Once you have ordered the item and received it, which should be pretty self explanatory, you’re going to want to resell the item on any online marketplace (or keep it for yourself if you really want to). I recommend using eBay or whatever marketplace works best for your locality. If you’re selling on eBay, your income will be coming in through PayPal. If you want to sell on an app like Let Go, it will come in through your bank or cash for an in-person meetup. The options are endless on where you can sell it, simply take the price the user is selling it for and knock off a couple dollars and it will easily sell.

Step 6
After you receive the item, you will need to then leave a review for that product. Do not forget to do this otherwise you will be removed from the group permanently. I recommend leaving positive reviews only, this way you will have a solid reputation with the sellers and they will continuously work with you. Note that some sellers do not even require a refund to be made, they simply just want to increase their sales volume.

Due to how many posts there are throughout the group, you can easily get 10’s of items per day to sell. You could even automate this by hiring someone to manage all orders for you, then all you have to do is flip the products as they continue flowing to your house. If you are not from the USA and want to take advantage of all the USA offers, partner with someone in the USA and split your profits with them. This method can easily be scaled into a fulltime ecommerce business, the earnings may not be massive but it can definitely help you earn several thousand dollars per month with very little effort and 0 investment. ~


Just read that Amazon is suing 10 000 fake review groups on Meta so this method won’t work anymore