The Ultimate Guide To Starting / Growing A Successful Facebook Page 💯

Sharing guidance, and it also sounds Tutorial because these tips help to Built-up some very successful Facebook pages with hundreds of thousands of highly engaged top tier followers. Lots of guides will cover what to do when you are already established, but not many of them talk about the hardest part - getting your first 100 likes. I am going to give you some effective strategies you can start applying today to get your first page up and running. Some of these methods and strategies you may already be aware of, but hopefully whether you are a newbie or a veteran you can take something away from this guide.

1) Benefits Of Having A Large Facebook Page

Facebook page likes are valued differently depending on a number of factors such as where the audience base is mostly from (a page with 100 US fans is worth more than a page with 1000 Asian fans) as well as how relevant your page and content is to the interests of your fans. If you can manage to build up a page in a specific niche such as golf, hip hip, celebrity gossip, etc… with fans mostly based in top tier countries like the USA, Canada, the UK with high engagement rates, then this is a very valuable asset you can use. You can create a blog with display ads and share the content on your page to generate revenue. You can also promote affiliate products and CPA offers directly to your audience. There are lots of routes to go and those who think outside the box here have the most success. The larger your audience, the more earning potential.

2) Starting Your Page

When creating your page, make sure your page profile picture and cover photo are relevant to your page and look nice. Believe it or not, a lot of people will either like a page or not based solely on appearance. Try and pick a unique page name that people will remember. Fill out all page info such as description, about, category, etc.

Share a few posts, just funny memes or content from another page or something to get your page rolling.

Here is where things get interesting. You are going to want to create some fake profiles (I would recommend about 2-5 to start) and make them look somewhat realistic with profile pictures from stock photos or google images - whatever. You may want to use a VPN if you have one.

Complete the following steps on each fake profile:

  • Search for groups similar to what your page is about. For example, if your page was about cannabis, find large groups like International Highlife, The Stoners Lounge, etc… There are lots of groups out there so there should be lots of options for you. Join as many of these groups as you can.
  • Share the content from your main Facebook page into all of these groups. As people engage with your post in the groups, your post reach will be boosted organically and you will start to get page likes.

Start getting into the habit of posting a few times per day, and then sharing them out from your fake profiles. You will notice the longer you do this the more it pays off as older posts linger and continue driving engagement for days. If you can, try and tailor your posts to drive engagement like (Ex. Comment your favorite whatever…)

3) Page Growth

One very effective way to capture page likes is by inviting people who have engaged with your posts to like your page. This is a very overlooked feature which can be done by going to a post with multiple reactions, and opening up the list of those who reacted. If they don’t already like your page, there will be a button beside their name to invite them. This automatically sends them a notification saying [Your Page Name] has invited you to like their page. This works very well and is my secret weapon to having crazy engagement rates on my pages. Think about it, the people accepting and becoming new fans of my page are people who have actively engaged with my posts in the past.

Collaborate with other pages and work out deals to share their content in exchange for them sharing your content. Cross sharing fans is a great way to build up your audience quickly and without having to spend any money. Try and post at least a few times every day.

The key to having a successful page is automation. You will want to find the times your page is getting the most engagement (you can find this in your page insights) and use scheduling and auto-posting software to keep things running on autopilot. I would suggest using Buffer as they have a nice free plan with everything you need. Facebook also has its own built-in post scheduling functionality which is pretty much the same things. The only advantage to using Buffer is you can send the same post out to multiple social media accounts at once.

4) Outro

That is all I can think of off the top of my head, Thank you very much for reading the guide and I hope you found it helpful and inspired you to start your very own successful Facebook Page!



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