The Ultimate Guide To Get Free Bits On Twitch

Disclaimer: These two methods are not available in all countries but luckily for you I have created a small guide on how to bypass these restrictions.

First of all you will need a premium VPN (I especially recommend NordVPN as they add new servers in America very often so you can always get fresh IPs but other paid VPNs should work too, I have tried with both ExpressVPN and MullvadVPN and I’ve never had any problems)
Connect the VPN on the USA, create a new account on twitch with your email and if all goes well you should be able to earn bits with advertising, if the option does not appear, try to exit and re-enter after a few hours (always keeping the VPN connected on USA)

Watching ADS (Desktop & Mobile)

This is a very simple method to farm bits, there are some online programs to automate this but I don’t recommend them because they could get your account banned.


  1. Open your browser and turn off you Ad-Blocker
  2. Go on Twitch and open a stream (it doesn’t matter which one, as long as it has the bits enabled)
  3. Click on the bits icon and then on the “Get bits” button
  4. Click on “Watch ADS”
  5. Now a short ADS will appear where you may be asked to interact, you will earn 5-10 bits per ADS


  1. Go in the Twitch app and open a stream
  2. Click on the bits icon and then on the “Get bits” button
  3. Click on “Watch ADS”
  4. Now a short video will appear (30-60 seconds), mobile ADS make you earn fewer bits than Desktop

Twitch RPG

For the second method, we will use an official platform, Twitch RPG, which will allow us to answer short polls in exchange for bits, usually between 100 and 500, obviously specifying that survey are not difficult questions but are simply general questions. like: your favorite game, the streamer you follow the most or other questions always concerning in the world of video games and Twitch
Before explaining how to register I have to specify two things, as in the 1 method this platform is available in the USA but not only, so maybe try to check if your country allows registration, otherwise you can always use the USA account as I have explained before, another thing to say is that obviously each survey has a limit of people who can complete it so to register try to use an email that you use often.

  1. Sign up here with your email
  2. Try to watch Twitch for 10-20 minutes at least once a week to show that you are active
  3. When responding to surveys, be honest