The Ultimate Guide | Free & Paid Or ID Needed Methods | Unlimited VCCs

Today I’m sharing with you some HQ intel. Will teach you today how to obtain a ton of VCCs, providing you free and paid methods or in some cases ID needed.

Free method:

One of the free methods will be a known one, it’s called Yandex Money - basically, all you have to do is create an account, get a phone number to verify the account and then you are good to go.
I mentioned a few resources at the bottom of the thread that may help you.

I do not quite recommend the method above, don’t know for how many sites the VCC works.

Resources needed:

There is a bank called boon. and in order to get a ton of VCCs from this bank, you only need a fake ID and some invoices. Now I would have put this one in the free method section, but not many people know how to obtain these resources for free, so I decided to create another section.

Paid Method:
The next one will be, you only need a US Phone Number and a funding source, like a Debit card or a Bank Account.
This one is a paid method, and It will cost 1$ per VCC created, but those VCCs are really good as I heard and works for most of the sites.

The second paid method will be finding a vendor, I do not recommend SecondEye because they got high prices, you can easily find people selling it for even 7$ if you do some good searching.

You only have to do a lot of research, I won’t tell you my private supplier, because this type of information do not share, but I can forward you to a place where you can find suppliers if you PM me.

The third one will be something called AirTM. You will have to create an account and fund it using a payment method like BTC, PayPal, etc.
After you’ve done that, you can go ahead and create a Virtual Card.

Please note:
The account is not reloadable, if you want to add more balance you will need to create another one.
Unverified users can only make one purchase with the card, then they will have to create another card and the card fee is $4 per card.
The Verified Users can make multiple purchases, the card fee is $5 and there is a 1$ fee for every card purchase.

ID Needed:

Unfortunately for those methods, there are no bypasses, but the final product is worth in my opinion.
For all the methods that I will share, you will need your ID and not a fake one, because you may need then a photo of your face and you can’t bypass that.

So the first one will be Revolut, a great UK bank in my opinion that allows you to create up to 5 VCCs / month, you can create unlimited if you upgrade to the Platinum Plan that will be 9$/month.
The second one will be iCard, another great bank that allows you to create VCCs, but it will cost 1$ for every VCC created.
Other Banks that we’re not tested by me: N26, a bank located in Germany; Bunq, a bank located in the Netherlands.

A Few Resources:
If you need a US phone number for free, you can always try: Text Now or Talkatone
If you need a paid phone number that works no cap, use

Happy learning!


awesome post

Great post, thanks for sharing.

Great tips!! Thanks…
Unfortunately, Boon has shutdown.
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