The Ultimate Amazon Refunding Guide | 2021

This guide contains all the knowledge you need to successfully rape amazon and never be caught, and what you do with this knowledge, is entirely up to you. This guide was written on years of experience and some of the information you will read was provided by an ex-amazon employee and his name will be provided next to it. Please be aware that I cannot save you from your own foolishness so don’t whine if you didn’t follow the guide and then wonder why you got blacklisted. Read The Whole Damn Guide Before You Put My Words Into Practice!

Lets start off with a simple table of contents:

A little introduction to Amazon’s flagging system and how to not get linked.

  • Replacing, Double dipping, and Refunding your orders.
  • Cancelling investigations.
  • Working via Live Chat vs Phoning Amazon
  • Finding Drops
  • Using Amazon Gift Vouchers
  • Un-blacklisting your address

Extra Information, important
The absolute last card you can play with, the last thing you can do to get your money back after a ban.
Using VPN
Amazon’s Flagging SystemOkay, so as some of you might have heard, amazon has a flagging system. There are three flags you can receive, those will be automatically placed on your account by amazon’s fraud detection system. It’s a simple system really; let me break it down for you.
The Yellow Flag: This flag is automatically placed on your account after a refund higher than $100 is requested.
The Orange Flag: Okay, so imagine you’ve refunded a $100 item and you try to refund another item of lower cost or higher within a 7 day period of the first refund. That is when the orange flag is placed on your account. Once it’s there, your account automatically gets looked into by the Amazon CIS team. Those people are probably most educated out of the whole amazon support team and they will find all the links you to your other accounts which you may have left behind. If they determine that you constantly abuse their policies, they will blacklist the following:

  • your IP address
  • your Payment Card information (including the billing address)
  • your delivery address
  • your phone number and your browser information such as cookies and possibly your MAC address (which can be acquired if you use the mobile app.)

The Red Flag
Amazon’s final and deadliest flag. So imagine you you refunded more than one $100 item within a 7-day time frame. Now, one of the two things can happen:
If your account was not linked to any other account closed for whatever reason, had lots of legit orders and was relatively old, the CIS team will send you an email notifying you that they’ve noticed a high amount of returns/refunds on your account. Treat this as a warning; wipe the account clean and open a fresh one but make sure to open it from a brand new IP. I recommend creating it from a different device altogether due to the fact might be able to see your devices’ unique identifiers.

If your account was found to be linked to any other account closed for abuse of policies, you will automatically be blacklisted. What this means is that Amazon will close any account containing the information you have used on your closed account. There is good news, though.
Good news: There are things you can do to outsmart amazon’s linking system. That being said, being blacklisted is a pain in the arse and you will most likely need to order a new payment card. Call up your bank and report your card as lost or broken and they should send you a brand new one. You will need to use a good VPN or order from a friends house, a library or any other place that doesn’t use your banned IP address. As doe the shipping address, you will need to use a typo. Simply misspell your address. For example, instead of 12 Bakery Street, put 12 Bake St. They will still deliver since they go by the postcode. That being said, Amazon might still close your account because your billing address cannot be misspelt or the order wont go through so there is a 50/50 chance that they will or they wont. I’d recommend that you pay with amazon credit or a VCC instead of your actual card.
Replacing, Double Dipping and Refunding your orderThere is a lot of methods to replace, double dip and refund your items. I will only go over some of those, but please try to make your own, unique excuses and those will grant you a higher success rate.

If you are using a new account, then I would recommend to refund under 100 dollars. I am unsure whether this is true or not but Darmasus (an ex amazon employee) said that If you call in to Amazon and get Filipinos you have the BEST chance at success, they have a base out of Manyla and those guys give you refunds of up to 800 dollars. If you get someone in South America, they can refund up to 250 dollars, anything above that they need the Supervisors account password to input into their system so they can go over that limit, of course the supervisor will ask them why they are refunding so much and you have to give a really good background.

Empty Box Method: Being the most well known method, its success rate is still pretty high. All you have to do is simply contact Amazon and say that the box you had received was empty. It’s important to mention that the box was in a perfect condition and was unopened since this will most likely allow you to dodge an investigation. If the rep is being a bitch, simply disconnect the chat before it goes too far and he launches an investigation. It is important to do this because reps can’t start investigations if they don’t have sufficient information about the case.

Item never arrived: This method is definitely trickier to pull off than saying that the box was empty, but it is doable and still has a high success rate. Please notice that you should only do this if the package was signed in a name that is different to what is should be signed as. What you need to say is that you never received the package and that you’re very, very pissed off because you need the item for tomorrow for whatever reason. I find birthdays to be a good excuse.
Part of the item wasn’t in the parcel: If you order an item that comes in multiple pieces, you simply have to say that one of the pieces was not included in the package and you can’t find it on amazon store. They will usually offer to replace the whole order and all you have to do is either agree and then apply one of the above methods in order to double dip or you agree and call them back saying that you want a refund instead.

Dangerous substance leak: If your item contains a battery, say that the battery was leaking upon opening the parcel and you need replacement. If you ask them for a refund, they will get suspicious so it is always better to call back and say that you have changed your mind. You can also order like a nail with the item and say that it spilled all over the box. If they ask you to return the defective product, simply say that you had to throw it away because you have kids or animals in the house and you didn’t want anyone to get hurt. You can also say that sending the item back is illegal since it’s a bio-hazard. The rep should fuck off and give in :)
Double Dipping is simple. All you need to do is simply choose a replacement instead of a refund and then apply another method. Double dipping really isn’t as difficult as people make it out to be. But please be aware that it’s best to keep it under $500 when you DD. Triple Dip the item if you want a challenge but be reasonable!

DropsLook up your local housing agencies and see which houses are up for sale (unoccupied) you can also go to shops and tell the shop keepers that your family member sent you a parcel and put the wrong address on it (the shop’s address) they should agree to accept the parcel for you. You can also have the item delivered to your neighbors and once you see the tracking, call the carrier and reroute or ask for an approximate time so you can stand outside and wait. Be creative! You can go on Craigslist and put up an ad asking for an address to which your parcels can be delivered for a fee, of course.
Cancelling InvestigationsNot many people know this, but you can actually close investigations that are in progress. All you have to do is call Amazon and tell them that you would like to close any investigations going on, on your account. Act confused and say that you don’t want them to waste their time since your problem was already solved and it turned out that your wife/husband was pranking you and took the item out of the box while you were at work. Say that they didn’t realize you would react so quickly and that you just don’t want to waste their time which could be spent trying to help users who are actually in need.
Important! If there is a possibility of your account being linked, contact them again as soon as you can and speak to another rep, just don’t mention ever speaking to them before and they might not look at the notes and just instantly refund you :) Don’t let the investigation finish because you WILL be banned and left in a difficult situation.

Live Chat vs Phone SupportIt’s always important to to know that calling Amazon instead of using live chat will grant you a much higher chance of success. Calling a rep puts them at a much higher pressure than if you were to simply chat with them. When you call them, they are much less likely to go through the notes left by other reps and they are more likely to refund you. Live chat is good but not nearly as good as calling them. Also, please remember that the reps can see what you are typing before you even send the message. Don’t change your story halfway through the paragraph because they will see it and they will become skeptical. You can use this to your advantage! Curse at them, show them your frustration but don’t send the message and they will notice that you are trying to be polite despite all that frustration.

Using Amazon Gift CardsUsing amazon gift cards to purchase through amazon is one of the best things you can do for yourself, but only if you’re a person with common sense. Not only will this allow you to keep your own address safe because you won’t have to risk it getting blacklisted but it can also help you bypass the address blacklist. You will also be able to receive instant refunds so there will be no waiting for your bank to clear the payment and you will be able to transfer AGC from one account to account by simply telling amazon that you would like to send the credit as a gift for a family member. It’s not hard to think of the most basic of excuses. You can purchase AGC off Amazon, Ebay and a variety of other websites out there :) The one drawback is that you can lose the AGC if the account gets banned but it shouldn’t happen if you play it smart. You will most likely be able to have the AGC with your remaining balance send to your address or by email if you’re persistent enough.

Please note that Amazon now tracks purchases made with gift cards meaning that Amazon can see all the items purchased with the AGC and will eventually ban you so try to make as much out of it as you can so you don’t cry when you get banned. Also, Amazon will ask you to add a payment card to the account in order to verify the account before you can purchase using your AGC. Simply go on FakeNameGenerator and use one of their cards to verify.
Unblacklisting Your AddressIn theory, un-blacklisting your address shouldn’t be hard at all. Thing is… Amazon is one of those companies that simply don’t give two fucks. Despite all that, it’s still worth trying so here it is: Create a brand new account from a computer an an IP address that isn’t your own and order something using an unused payment card or a $10 AGC and put the delivery address as the one which is blacklisted. Your amazon account should get banned in no time so call them up and say that you’ve just moved in and tried to make an order but it didn’t go through and you’re confused as to why that is. They will either un-blacklist your address or tell you that there isn’t anything they can do. Be persistent and see where it gets you.

Extra Information
As I said, if you Live Chat Amazon, the reps can see what you are typing before you even send the message so be careful.
Be persistent! Don’t take no for an answer.
If you’re making a second attempt via the phone line, increase your chances by saying that a member of staff has promised they would process a refund but you didn’t receive any email confirmations so you’re worried.
Use tragedy to your advantage. Say things like ‘’Hello, I ordered an item and [your excuse] it was supposed to be a birthday present for my great grand dad but unfortunately he passed away. I’m completely and utterly devastated [mention how deeply it affected you] and today this happened… amazon is adding one more problem which i have to deal with. I just wan this to be over’’
Make yourself look like a legit customer by viewing lots of items before you purchase. Spending time on the amazon website will decrease your chance of being investigated or placed on hold.

Add add three or four small items to your order to decrease your chance of getting investigated and increase your chance of success; it’s a must!
Bottom line is, be CREATIVE and play with their emotions :)

The last card you can play to get your money backSo you got cornered. Amazon banned you before you could refund and they refuse to return you the money huh? there is one last thing you can do before you sink! Call up your bank and explain how Amazon banned you and is refusing to return you the money you paid them despite the fact that they sent you an empty box. Banks are obligated to stand by you if the retailer didn’t fulfill their part of the transaction. I dealt with a few cases which people asked me to win over for them and i always got them their money back so now you see that persistence is the key! Depending on the value of the transaction, Amazon might write to the bank and try to fight back but stick to your story and they don’t stand a chance!

Using a VPNUsing a VPN or a Proxy can save you from getting linked but only if you use a premium VPN service. Amazon detects and compares the Geographical Location in relation to your address. If the IP you are using is from the same state or city as your shipping address, no flag will be raised but it isn’t, a flag is raised and while it might not be enough to have your order cancelled, it can lead to your account getting suspended or terminated later on.


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