The Tinder Swindler Method ⭐

How Do You Do It?

Alright so to run multiple Tinder accounts, you will need an android emulator and plenty of hard disk space. I recommend using Bluestacks.

Now most of you will say, emulators are dead, they are detected bla bla bla. This is NOT true.

The reason you are getting banned on Tinder are not emulators and your photos. The reason are your public phone numbers and your proxies. Using phone numbers from websites like smspva or textverified which rotate the same numbers over and over again for months get your accountlisted for verification INSTANTLY.

Even if you somehow manage to find a clean number there which is 1% of the time, the number will eventually get added back into the pool of numbers and some other douchebag will use it with a bad proxy and your account will get banned, even if you did everything right.

So in a couple of days you will have to create a new account again and lose precious time which you can use instead to milk the traffic that you can get during that time which your account is running perfectly… Continue following the method…

Download PDF/Read Onscreen: Tinder Swindler.pdf (962.8 KB)

Happy learning!

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