The Proven Trick To Make Money

These method involves gaming and the gaming market is huge

What you need to do:

  1. Find a mobile game with a lot of players and huge monetization aspects around it. One good example is Wild Rift

The first method:
2A. Join any third world country Facebook group (english speaking) for this game and look out for those players that like to sport their achievements and high ranking accounts.
3. Contact them and ask them if they would want to boost accounts. Find some players on your end and ask them to share you their best plays/match history
4. Go to Instagram, Tiktok, Pinterest, create accounts with good name like ’ Boosting Service’ and post the photos/videos you got from the players
5. You can also come on to forums to post service like this. The idea is to sell it to more developed countries such as USA, EU for higher margin
6. Once you receive order, go back to your players and ask them to boost. You can easily earn a 50% markup profit from this.

The second method:
2. Join Facebook buy and sell group (third world country) or the general community for that game.
3. Look out for Need Money or Sell Fast Accounts that are heavily underpriced. This works for any game items. You can either buy them or repost their pictures on your social media/forums made above.

Rinse and repeat this method. Posting here and there just need a few minutes a day but soon you will see traffic and your brand gets reputation and people will come to you. There you have your own side hustle that are making legit money!