The eBay Secret - 10 Steps to Successful Selling on eBay

Do you want to achieve success on eBay and work from home? Just follow these ten simple rules. Step 1: Research. Know your market. Research is the key to any successful online venture. What sells and, more importantly, what doesn’t sell. You will identify popular sellers quite quickly. File the information away it will pay dividends in the future. Step 2: Competition. Of the items you’re selling who are your biggest competition. Look at how they set their sales pages and how long their sales last. Are they predominantly “Buy It Now” or Auctions? All sales copy can be improved in some way. Study carefully. Step 3: Source your products carefully. Once you find a supplier you are happy with. . . negotiate! If you have used the same supplier for some time don’t be afraid to ask for more preferential rates. An astute supplier will see how this could benefit you both. Step 4: Don’t just jump in feet first and start selling lots of items. Watch what is selling. Try different items and don’t be scared of trying to sell something different. You never know it might work. Think outside the box. Step 5: Once you have found a successful format “rinse and repeat”. It is not rocket science. If something sells keep doing it! Step 6: As in any offline (or online for that matter) have a plan. It doesn’t have to be detailed just an outline of your main strategies and areas you are going to concentrate on. Set aside a capital sum so as not to overspend on your business. Step 7: Once you have started to see a regular income can be an exciting time. Don’t waste it! Re-invest in more stock and devote extra time to your business. Try and achieve a certain number of transactions every week. Aiming higher each time. Step 8: There is a sad fact of life which we can’t avoid (legally). The taxman!If you are doing well put everything on an official footing. Take legal advice and register your company. Step 9: Rather than rewriting the same response messages, emails and descriptions over and over again, keep a swipe file and just make minor adjustments to fit the occasion. Look around for business software that could improve your business. The savings on time and increase in profits will far outweigh the cost. Step 10: Perseverance is the name of the game. Initially frustrations will set in that the time taken to achieve any worthwhile profits is going so slowly. Keep doing everything right and you will succeed. I hope the above suggestions will help you in your quest to achieve independence and success online. But remember start slowly and don’t give up your regular
paid work until you are 100% sure that your business will succeed.