The CTR Geeks | Mike Merlino & Brent Bowser ⭐

  • Week 1 – Basic understanding of CTR – Why we manipulate click through rates.

  • Week 2 – Branded Traffic – Becoming your niches top Entity/Brand

  • Week 3 – Where to send Traffic & Why?

  • Week 4 – How to Manipulate CTR (tools)

  • Week 5 – GMB Rank Boosting with CTR Manipulation

  • Week 6 – Organic Rank Boosting with CTR Manipulation

  • Week 7 – Tricks, Hacks and Strategies

  • Week 8 – Overflow/Recap Week

Learn how to Stretch proximity of GMB?

  • Learn how to improve Brand authority?

  • Learn how to get great results with CTR for your site and GMB?

  • Learn how to drive traffic from the right sources?

  • Learn how long do you run a CTR campaign?

  • Learn if CTR work outside the USA?

  • Learn what Keywords to use for the best results with CTR?

  • Learn what type of traffic should I use “Mobile or desktop”?

  • Learn where to send traffic for the best results?

  • Learn how not to lose results when you stop CTR campaign?

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Happy learning!