The CTA On Any Link Easily | Hack

Details of the Hack:
This hack will teach you how to insert a custom call-to-action or your own advertisements on any article or video that you find in the internet. Once done, you can share it on social media networks and bring in traffic with the links you share. Analytics of how your target audience is engaging with your link with in-depth statistics is also shared. Co-embed generates unique links for you to share and schedule to the top social media platforms to help you get tons of traffic to your website through influencer articles.

  • Usage Phase: Content Marketing
  • Usage Difficulty: Medium Tools Used:
  • Paid/Free: Paid Tool (Current Price: $35 - Onetime)
  • Free Alternatives:,

Hack it with Granny:

  1. Purchase the tool at
  2. In the dashboard, get a link of any article that you want your CTA to appear in.
  3. Paste the link to the article and click on Embed.
  4. Create a Call-To-Action Message that you want to appear in the articles you share - by clicking on edit selected CTA.
  5. Choose the type of Call-To-Action message to display - be it Bar/Slider/Modal/Take-Over. Granny recommends Take-over to fill the whole screen and placement is full screen by default.
  6. Choose the theme of your choice
  7. Fill in the headlines, Description and the CTA url and you’re through. Don’t forget to also write the text for the button text field.
  8. Choose the colours of your choice for headlines and background colour etc. (Note: Deluxe Users will be able to edit the CSS code and set-up retargeting pixels for Facebook/Twitter tracking.)
  9. Click on Save Call-to-action
  10. You will get a co-embed link at the end which you can copy and share on social media platforms

Bonus Tip: You can also post the co-embed link on lots of Facebook groups related to Marketing Business etc. to drive more traffic.

Happy learning!


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